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authorTobias Mansfield-Williams <contact@tmwhere.com>2015-09-23 17:40:30 +0100
committerTobias Mansfield-Williams <contact@tmwhere.com>2015-09-23 17:45:10 +0100
commitde72a69abaffbf4a0861018727e10befb6cec7ff (patch)
parent06b68f6caa214d9f98ada28db837c21e08ed2927 (diff)
Fix bug in quat_mul_vec3 caused by reuse of u and t in 'vec3_mul_cross'
The new implementation of `quat_mul_vec3` introduced in commit 06b68f6caa214d9f98ada28db837c21e08ed2927 incorrectly calculates 't' and 'u'. The problem's caused by the variables being used as both input and output to `vec3_mul_cross`, which causes the variables to be corrupted as the cross product is taken. Unlike with the simple vector operations, input variables to vec3_mul_cross must be distinct from the output variable. ``` static inline void vec3_mul_cross(vec3 r, vec3 const a, vec3 const b) { r[0] = a[1]*b[2] - a[2]*b[1]; r[1] = a[2]*b[0] - a[0]*b[2]; r[2] = a[0]*b[1] - a[1]*b[0]; } ```
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/linmath.h b/linmath.h
index d0e1f00..b368739 100644
--- a/linmath.h
+++ b/linmath.h
@@ -481,13 +481,14 @@ static inline void quat_mul_vec3(vec3 r, quat q, vec3 v)
t = 2 * cross(q.xyz, v)
v' = v + q.w * t + cross(q.xyz, t)
- vec3 t = {q[0], q[1], q[2]};
+ vec3 t;
+ vec3 q_xyz = {q[0], q[1], q[2]};
vec3 u = {q[0], q[1], q[2]};
- vec3_mul_cross(t, t, v);
+ vec3_mul_cross(t, q_xyz, v);
vec3_scale(t, t, 2);
- vec3_mul_cross(u, u, t);
+ vec3_mul_cross(u, q_xyz, t);
vec3_scale(t, t, q[3]);
vec3_add(r, v, t);