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+.\" Copyright (C) 2018 Tomasz Kramkowski <tk@the-tk.com>
+.\" SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
+.TH "BIE" "1" "2018-03-27" "bie VERSION" "bie Manual"
+bie \- a tool for generating an indexed flat archive
+.B bie
+.RB [ -hv ]
+.RB [ -- ]
+.I output index input...
+.I output
+is the destination of the flat archive.
+.I index
+is the destination of the index file.
+.I input
+is the list of files to archive.
+The output is a concatenation of the contents of all the input files
+with each file aligned to as 16 byte boundary. The format of the index
+file is a list of macro calls to BIE_ENTRY with the parameters being
+the name, the offset and the size of each input file.
+An appropriate definition of BIE_ENTRY should be provided to make use
+of this information.
+The name of each input file will be slugified to remove any characters
+which are not valid inside a C identifier (leading digits are
+removed). The slugification process leaves alphanumeric characters
+alone, replaces punctuation and spaces with underscores and removes
+any other characters. Any resulting leading underscores are dropped.
+.B bie
+does not attempt to fix name collisions.
+.B -h
+Show help.
+.B -v
+Show version and license information.
+bie assets.bie assets.idx a b c
+This will instruct
+.B bie
+to read the contents of the files named a, b and c and to generate an
+assets.bie which is a concatenation of the aligned file contents of a,
+b and c and to generate an assets.idx which might look like this:
+BIE_ENTRY(a, 0, 10)
+BIE_ENTRY(b, 16, 30)
+BIE_ENTRY(c, 48, 100)
+.BR ld (1),
+.BR zlib-flate (1)
+Tomasz Kramkowski <tk@the-tk.com>